Our Earth-Saving, Compostable, Zero-Waste Packaging 🤍 It looks and feels like plastic, but it's not. Not even close. It is a 100% home-compostable shipping mailer and is made from 70-80% PBAT (a co-polymer that is completely compostable) and 20-30% PLA (which is a fancy way of saying cornstarch).  In a commercial compostable environment, it will break-down within 90 days. At home, it may take up to 120 days.  If the mailers do end up in landfill, they will thankfully still break down although we would never encourage our packaging to go to landfill because it still contributes to wastage. Our shipping mailers take about 2 years to break down in landfill. In comparison, traditional plastic shipping mailers take 400 years or more to break down, and still release deadly methane gas into the atmosphere.

HERO Packaging

We use HERO packaging on all our orders. Eco-friendly living can sometimes be out of your control, especially when some of your online purchases come in bundles and bundles of plastic!

We are proud that our i-Beautiful packaging is zero-waste and plastic free.

Our products are packaged into recycled cardboard boxes and our post bags are made from corn starch and cassava roots, meaning that they are compostable as well (thanks Hero Packaging!). By simply putting them in a compost bin they will break down within 90 days, but if they end up in landfill will break down within 2 years. YAY to no more plastic!